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I'm getting something about... negative feedback
19th April 2008
Chris Robinson - living the dream
4th September 2007
Religious persecution
22nd June 2007
Calling all psychic detectives...
4th June 2007
Joe Power II
28th April 2007
Sally Morgan: Star Psychic
3rd April 2007
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Psychic Sophistry
Which first appeared in 'Think' magazine.
Radio Ga-Ga
Written for 'The Skeptic' magazine way back
How Do They Do That
Published in 'The New Humanist'
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Talking to the dead for fun & profit (mostly profit)
Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns:
another reading
12th February 2006
Britain's Psychic Challenge
21st February 2006
Ghost hunting for beginners by Dieter Sarkoses (spoof)
A reading by Derek Acorah
29th August 2005
An analysis of Colin Fry - trumpeting his abilities
updated 22nd January 2005
A reading from Keith Charles
on 'The Ultimate Psychic Challenge'
"Shirley Ghostman" spoof
5th March 2005
Did a medium identify a murderer Medium Christine Holohan
Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951
None of those around obviously!
I've made a number of media appearances as a skeptic including successfully posing as a tarot reader and an astrologer. I also taught someone how to appear psychic for Channel 4's 'Ultimate Psychic Challenge'. Click here