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19th April 2008
I'm getting something about... negative feedback
The most useless items on eBay
22nd June 2007
Religious persecution
It's them doing the persecuting
4th September 2007
Chris Robinson - living the dream
A psychic's dream world
4th June 2007
Calling all psychic detectives...
Can they find Madeleine McCann
Commentary Archive #7
28th April 2007
Joe Power II
"Inaccurate" doesn't do him justice.
22nd October 2006
A Book from Stradbally

Christine Holohan's book about the Jacqueline Poole murder case which she didn't help solve.
3rd April 2007
Sally Morgan: Star Psychic
Sally Morgan not being tested by ITV2.
28th September 2006
Dead wrong

Christine Holohan and the Jacqui Poole case
The God Delusion
Richard Dawkins new book
4th March 2007
Challenge Derek Acorah
Why won't he take the JREF $1 million challenge
31st August 2006
Another failure this way comes
Another fruitless attempt at psychic detection
The Baby Whisperer
A disgusting little programme
22nd February 2007
Burying the truth
Purile TV programme
Media circus
Purile TV programme
16th August 2006
Colour prejudice
The colour in question is Indigo.
Imagine there's no heaven...
Comments on religion.

18th December 2006
The Suffolk Murders
Diane Lazarus, no criminal is safe (or should I say bothered)
Divide & Conquer
A beloved strategy of the true believer

24th June 2006
Jerry Springer the Opera and the Foifits
Invisible friends don't like opera.
  2nd June 2006
Non ghostly goings on
Commentary Archive #6
31st May 2006
Skeptic bites postman

The loneliness of being - a skeptic.
Other News
14th April 2006
21 Grams
Deadly weight loss
25th May 2006
Homeopathy and other debates
How to avoid coming to a conclusion.
Million Dollar Babies
You could fill a baby's nappy with this!
9th April 2006
Selfridges and The Philosopher's Stone
Department store psychics

8th May 2006
Joe Power
Still another would be psychic crimebuster

12th March 2006
Education, Education, Education

Creationism has arrived!
22nd April 2006
More Detective Work
More spiritualists not helping police
2nd April 2006
Watching the detectives
Success rate of psychic detectives
Commentary Archive #5

26th February 2006
A small audience with Uri Geller
A review if his show

22nd February 2006
GMTV Psychic Fraud
Expert on psychic fraud - Colin Fry
Britain's Psychic Challenge - again
My final word - honest

12th January 2006
Ghosts still don't exist
Verbal outakes from "Central Extra".
Britain's Psychic Challenge
We are about to be deeply embarassed
The View from Number Eighty - News
Technical problems. Public service announcement for a mate.

19th February 2006
Freedom of expression
The Danish cartoons - peace be upon them.
Christine Holohan
Psychic detective stands accused.
James Randi
Every day in every way he's getting better and better.

7th January 2006
Stars of Nursing
Astrology article in Nursing Standard
Now sponsored by ASKE
Sylvia Browne
How bad do you have to be
Don't Miss
Root of
All Evil: The God Delusion
29th January 2006
Hey we're stupid too!
Nearly 50% of us don't believe in evolution  
Palm reader in court
He didn't see this coming.
Derek and a lost cat
Probably still lost.
Britain's Psychic Rip-off
A salute to Chris and Philip. Thumbs down for Jackie
18th December 2005
Unintelligible Design
The Science of the Evangelical Times.
Britain's Psychic Challenge
Additional observations about testing protocol.
Jerry Springer: The Opera
Gutless response from Woolworths and Sainsburys
Commentary Archive #4
29th November 2005
The astrological gravy train
The enduring nonsense that continues to milk the credulous.
28th October 2005
The Game's Up - Most Haunted Exposed!
Ciaran O'Keeffe finally blows the gaff in The Daily Mirror.

22nd November 2005
Ghost Towns - meet Derek's imaginary friends
Derek Acorah's new show coming to a town near you!
Other stuff
Interview with AudioMartini, a video clip on the Daily Planet, No.80 and Randi's Commentary.

23rd October 2005
Acorah rebuffed
Robbie Williams tells it like it is.
Not having an open-mind
Why always having an open-mind isn't a virtue.
Other stuff
Skepticality and TAM3 DVDs

12th November 2005
Ghosts, Mediums and why Im sceptical
The Big Bang and evolution versus Mediums & ghosts
Other stuff
BadPsychics report on Larry Montz, Randi & The Sun on Acorah, Latest from 80 and another interview.

14th Octoberr 2005
If it sounds like a duck..
Peter Hain and Prince Charles champion homeopathy.
The Association for Skeptical Enquiry
A plug for you to join.

Commentary archive #3
28th September 2005
There's no business....
like the ghost business just no business I know. An evaluation of shows from mediums Derek Acorah, Simon Peters, Tony Stockwell and Colin Fry.
23rd August 2005
Medicine that works and the alternative
Prince Charles champions another lost cause.

18th September 2005
Most Haunted - Asylumgate
The real History of Barnes Hospital

23rd August 2005
Mia Dolan - the summing up
The dumbing down would be more accurate. Public votes says Mia is psychic.

8th September 2005
MHL - no escape from 'the Asylum'
More details on the Most Haunted web of deception.

11th August 2005
'This Morning' II
More on Mia Dolan 'testing' and further analysis.

4th September 2005
Most Haunted Live - failed asylum seekers
MHL team seem to be confused about where they are.

3rd August 2005
ITV's 'This Morning' with Mia Dolan
Psychic Mia Dolan being tested on morning television. An analysis of her performance.
Commentary archive #2
18th July 2005
The trouble with religion
Follows the London Bombings. Ambiguity of religious texts and a plea for separation of church & state.

4th July 2005
Make AIDS History
Time for Catholicism to accept condom use.

2nd July 2005
Most Haunted Farce
A few observations following 'Most Haunted's visit to Wakefield.
Christian Voice: The Money Lenders Fight Back
Co-operative Bank tells homosexual hating Christian Voice to take a hike.

19th June 2005
The complete and utter emptiness of the paranormal
A few thoughts on why the paranormal is nonsense.

30th May 2005
The unpleasant world of the psychic detective.
Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association (NIPRA) offer to help find missing body.

26th May 2005
Even more ghosts
Four members of Yorkshire Psychic Investigators track down phantoms at Leeds Grand Theatre.
Religious schools and Creationism
14th May 2005
Cashing in on death
The growth of mediumship and superstition plus Chat Magazine's 'Ruth the Truth'.
30th April 2005
Parrots and angels
Testing a parrot and nonsense about angels, inspiration for the word 'cloob'.
Off topic rant - The Election
I still haven't forgiven Blair for the invasion of Iraq.
16th April 2005
Derek Acorah
Derek and his useless guide Sam
Homeopathy - The alternative to medicine
A link to article 'Undiluted Tosh' by Michael Hanlon, (Daily Mail 12th April 2005 ).

9th April 2005
More ghost infestation
Yet more paranormal investigators - this tme in Bodmin jail.

2nd April 2005
Psychic dumbing down
TV's obsession with ghost hunting.
Christian Vice
Christian Voice would like your cash.

26th March 2005
Big Cat attack
Yet another untraceable panther stalks our streets.

19th March 2005
Halifax ghost
Apprentice fooling around
Spiritual healing on the NHS
A reiki master helps Middlesex hospital.

12th March 2005
Another psychic detective
Dennis Mckenzie not locating BTK murderer
Loose ends
Brief comment about 'Shirley Ghostman' and Christian Voice

5th March 2005
Cursing Stone
Carlisle City councillor getting upset
Shirley Ghostman
Reinstatement of Shirley Ghostman page - even though I didn't appear.
UFO Congress with picture of my own UFO

Keep your eye open for the egg!
Commentary archive #1

27th February 2005
Coming soon The Dark Ages

19th February 2005
Psychic Surgeons - an offer

16th February 200
Clairvoyant predicts "big win"

5th February 2005
On a positive note...
Penta Water and Bad Science
Alternative medicine cancer treatment

28th January 2005
Alternative medicine
More on EVP

A point about psychics & mediums
22nd January 2005
Hazel Courteney's "The Evidence for the Sixth Sense"
3rd January 2005
Electronic Voice Phenomenon
2nd January 2005
No wiggle room for God
30th December 2004
Tsunami Earthquake appeal
27th December 2004
Religion in Britain
Most Haunted Live

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