Paranormal Lecture - Thinking critically about paranormal claims
Paranormal Lecture

Sleight of Mind:
Thinking critically about the paranormal

A skeptical look at paranormal/psychic claims.
Illustrated throughout with various psychic effects (i.e. trickery) the lecture is structured to be entertaining whilst encouraging and promoting the use of critical thinking skills.

Designed to last 75 minutes but can be adapted as necessary.

Some of the subjects included are listed below but as is ever the case this may be differ from the actual lecture depending on circumstances at the time
  • Telepathy demonstrations including the reproduction of a 'thought of' drawing.
  • Psychokinesis - e.g. bending metal with the power of my mind.Bent Spoon image
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming - detecting when someone is telling porkies.
  • Dowsing - detecting things by twitching.
  • Sightless vision - "seeing" colours whilst completely blindfolded.
  • Psychic surgery - dipping into someone's body to remove malignant tissue.
  • Innovative pest control products

You can see some stills of the psychic surgery below.
This is fake blood but believe it or not some people take this very seriously

click for larger image
Psychic surgery demo image 1 Psychic surgery demo image 2 Psychic surgery demo image 3 Psychic surgery demo image 4

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Dear Mr Youens,

As I do each year, I have been reviewing the feedback from our various lecture courses and would like to say how very appreciative I am of your input to our courses aimed at prospective Psychology students.

Feedback has been excellent and, without your help and support, the conferences may not be the success that they are today.

Your lecture, Thinking critically about the paranormal has been most beneficial to my delegates and delivered in a manner to which they can relate and appreciate.

Favourable comments have also been made about the approach and informative manner with which the post-lecture discussion session was conducted. I understand that was quite extensive and itself indicates the level of interest generated.

As you know The Workshop is a company which organises and runs career oriented conferences for lower and upper sixth form students from across the country. It is the aim of the conference to give the students both an insight into the career they wish to pursue and life at university. The delegates attending will at the present time be studying for their A levels with the intention of going on to university to study for a degree in their chosen subject.

You have been involved with these lectures for four years now and this has very much been valued. We hope that this can continue and I look forward to seeing you in December.

Kind regards

Kathryn Bristow conference manager


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