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Links to sites of interest

General skeptic - mostly UK - My personal website about low carb dieting
The View from Number 80  
Double Exposure  
UK Skeptics  
The Bad Homeopath A skeptic studies homeopathy  
Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews Cult and Fringe Archaeology and a whole lot more  
Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (+ their Skeptic directory page)  
Skeptics in the Pub  
Uri Geller - A Sceptical Perspective  
Skeptic Eye "An educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural."  
How does Uri Geller do it From the same site as above  
The Straight Dope How did Uri Geller bend spoons  
The Skeptic Report American Flag  
Annapolis Valley Skeptic American Flag  
The Independent Investigations Group American Flag  
Richard Dawkins  
National Secular Society  
Pat Condell (see him on )  
Atheist Resource  
Atheist Central for Secondary Schools  
Jesus and Mo  
Danish Cartoons  
Skepticality - Truth in podcasting American Flag  
Point of Inquiry American Flag  
Skeptics' Guide to the Universe American Flag  
A Skeptic Moment American Flag  
Discussion Groups
JREF Forum American Flag  
Most Haunted Researched (DoubleExposure forum)  
The Skeptic Express Started Friday 21st April 2006  
UK-Skeptics' forum  
Academic sites

The man from Most Haunted Live who told the Daily Mirror the truth!
Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit Run by Professor Chris French  
Koestler Parapsychology Unit University of Edinburgh  
Professor Richard Wiseman
Lucky Professor Wiseman holds Britain’s only chair in the Public Understanding of Psychology
Information sites
The Skeptic Dictionary Robert T. Carroll's massive resource
Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit
Dirpedia combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory
SkepticWiki the Encyclopedia of Science and Critical Thinking
Alternative Medicine
Articles I like (links may no longer work but worth checking)
The Popularity of Irrationality (The Online Photographer)
Times article by Oliver Kamm.
What a great line this is, "A taste for the irrational is not scarce in public life, and it is a pity to feed it. "
Polly Toynbee "In the name of God" She writes too many things I admire but here's a favourite
If you're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong by Cenk Uygur
It doesn't get more direct than this!
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