Keith Charles Reading
Keith Charles Reading on
The Ultimate Psychic Challenge


Keith Charles reading to an audience member (Tracey or Tracy) on The Ultimate Psychic Challenge

(Discovery & Channel Four)

Keith Charles

Transcript of reading given by Keith Charles
Some people watching the show may have been impressed with the reading Keith Charles gave to the woman in the audience.
Did you think so

How much do you think he got correct

You can test your own memory by reading the transcript below.

I offer only suggestions on analysis so that you can make up your own mind. Read it carefully.

Doesn't it sound like this was the woman's father
Why could he be so precise (and wrong) about the furniture but so vague about just exactly who this person was Despite all the information he gave out, including names, we are never told the name of the "gentleman" who came through just that he was "a father figure".
Why does he mention a 'pet' and not simply say a dog
What about the recent painting downstairs Why say 'recent' if it could have been anytime in the last 10 years

James Randi has given a full analysis of this reading it's available here:


K.C. Um I have a gentleman that trying to communicate with me at the moment. Hes um, hes making me feel, theres a lady got your hand [gesturing], like that. Im sorry to point to you, youre wearing blue. And youve got your hand across your face madam. Okay. Would you just mind telling me your name please

Tracey (or Tracy)

K.C.Tracey. Hello Tracey. Im going to describe a gentleman that I have here thats making communication with me. He feels like a father figure to you. Hes a gentleman who would have passed over with a heart attack. Now I dont know who Michael is within the family, but hes making reference to Michael in the family.[Tracey reacts at the name "Michael"] Do you understand this

Hes also telling me, I know this sounds a strange thing and I gotta go with what he gives me. Theres pet, that youve recently lost as well [Tracey reacts to "pet"] because hes talking about having the pet and either you buried this pet in the garden and made a mistake of it, or whatever youve done with this pet is unusual. Im sorry to say that but thats how hes bringing it up. [no reaction to this] Now hes also taking about Michael Hes making reference to Michael and theres a John. I dont know if Michael, if John is, if hes Michael John or Michael and John but hes putting Michael and John together. Would you understand that


Tracey: [nods]

K.C.Hes making me feel that August I know were coming, were, were coming into the month of August, were in the month of August now, but hes showing me an anniversary or birthday around the 21st or 22nd of August that connects with you. [no reaction to this] And hes making me feel that when he went to heaven, alright With this heart condition it wasnt the first heart attack, heart problem, that he had. He would have visited two hospitals or he would have been in, the hospital twice over this heart condition [Tracey appears to be wiping her eyes]. Would you understand this please

Tracey: [nods]

Because hes saying to me that there is.., Ive got to say this to you, theres an issue, with you about feeling guilty, about not being there on one occasion. Im, Im terribly sorry. Im only going to tell you what hes telling me about, okay, if I may

He is aware of a problem that youve had with your left foot. Around here there should be a scar or a problem around there. Because he is talking about you having a fall alright [no reaction to this] But hes telling me about you. [as if hes hearing a voice] Okay. Hes ever so pleased to be here. [Tracey smiles and wipes her eyes] Hes ever so pleased, and hes just saying to me, you did not expect communication from him this evening but youve hoped to have communication from him on another occasion.

Hes taking off a ring and giving it to you, okay Would you have a ring that belongs to your mum not him, but to your mum, that you wear

[Tracey shakes her head to indicate not]

K.C. Are you sure [then, as if talking to the spirit] Could we find it

Okay youre saying no, hes saying yes. Could I discuss this with you I dont want to argue. Id like to discuss this with you.

If I went to your bedroom, okay Imagine being in your bedroom. There is a chest of drawers, like to the bottom right hand side of the bed. This is how hes go.. its like recently been put there over the weekend, over last weekend. Youve moved some furniture in your bedroom.

[no reaction to this]

Tracey: No. [& shakes head]

K.C. Okay youll say no, Ill, hell say yes. The furniture that its on.

Tracey interrupts, I havent moved the furniture.

K.C. Are you sure Ill be wrong. I hate it but Ill be wrong. [audience laughs] Okay But he is saying to me this is the jewellery that he is referring to. Okay And he wants to confirm to you that, yes, you have seen him since he passed over.

[slight shaking of head by Tracey. She also looks a little confused]

K.C. Its like you mentioned this Does this make sense to you

[shakes head again]

K.C. Are you sure He is showing me, like where you would keep, I dont want to be rude, your jewellery bits. Thats how hes describing it. And theres a ring in there that is either fractured or broken that belongs, not to you, but to another lady and hes talking about your mum.

[Tracey now nodding]

K.C. Would you understand that

Tracey: Yes

K.C.Now can I come to the bottom of your stairs Hes talking about either youve just redecorated or just done something at the bottom of the stairs like painting or doing, done something there and he was watching you and you saw him there. [no reaction]

K.C. Cause theres a photograph. You know where the bottom of the stairs is There is a photograph very close to [indistinct] him. Is there not

[Tracey nods]

K.C. Now you said no to me. I dont mind, I accept nos. Have you not just decorated or painted where that photograph is

Tracey: Recently, not just

K.C. Okay. This is his just, alright If its 10 years ago, 2 years ago I dont wanna know. Its like he is saying this to me. Look, Thats his message, thats his information to you. Alright Thats how he comes across and he really was looking forward to getting through to this evening. Only for this reason. Obviously to tell you he loves you, that goes without saying. But he is saying this, and I dont wanna be disrespectful. He forgives you. There was an issue that you wanted his forgiveness for and hes saying, theres nothing to forgive so youre forgiven. [no reaction]

Its like a big thing with you, over his passing. Hes not going too deeply into this cause he doesnt.. divided the family in some way. Or there was a split in the family. Do you understand this

[Tracey nods]

K.C. And hes like, Im not even going there cause it just doesnt matter to him. Okay And hes fine. I hope you are. Ill say God bless you. Alright. Thank you.

Audience applause.

[Tracey shown wiping her eyes]

Presenter (Kate): Let me have a quick word with Tracey. You looked quite emotional about that. How much of that really felt as though it was ringing true

Tracey: All of it.

Presenter: you do have a father that was called Michael

Tracey: Granddad.

Presenter: A grandfather, that was called Michael

Tracey: No, but my cousin who he lives with is called Michael and my dad and my brother are called John. And theres a split in the family with John and Michaels mum.

Presenter: Were you a believer before

Tracey: No. Well undecided. And Ive just had a pet put down as well, put to sleep. A dog.

Presenter: Have you So there we were 3 things for you that were completely right. Do you think youll be a believer now

Tracey: Yeah.

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