Skeptic challenge to psychics
Psychic Challenge
Now at 5,000


A permanent source of irritation to pretenders to the psychic throne is the $1 Million Challenge offered by The James Randi Educational Foundation. Personally I don't think this can be bettered. Sure many a psychic can find some dubious reason for avoiding it. In fact they will try anything rather than attempt it and risk coming away with egg on their faces.

So here's my own humble challenge to anyone that can present a psychic claim capable of being objectively tested.

Follow these instructions carefully...

1. Email me with your claim stating clearly what psychic ability you believe can do. No waffle. I need to know exactly what you can do, under what conditions you can do it and with what accuracy. (note: this address may alter due to spam & virus attacks)

2. Outline what you think is a fair test of your psychic powers. Please feel free to suggest what kind of test would objectively establish your claim.
3. We then both agree what would constitute a fair test (preliminary & main).
4. We will then try to devise a preliminary test informal enough to let us carry out a brief test without excessive cost.

5. Be prepared to come to me (rather than the other way round) for testing. All expenses to be paid by the claimant.

6.You attempt the preliminary test and if you pass we go on to the main test.
7. If you then pass the main test I will do the following:-
Pay you 5,000.
Close this site down permanently except for a page outlining your success
which I'll maintain at my own expense for one year.
If there are any genuine takers please email me with full details.

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