Madeleine McCann
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Psychic predictions regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann
This page contains information supplied to this site by psychics. My original request for information can be found here.


First email therefore entry #001. This was received Friday 21/09/2007 at 16:26. Full email follows;

Dear Tony,
I noticed your challenge about a week ago and am quite surprised that you haven't had any response as yet. There does seem to be quite a bit of speculation and it appears many psychics/mediums are jumping on the band wagon, but where is their information being received, is it being taken seriously and is it able to be taken seriously when there is so much and so conflicting too. I like your idea of collating all the visions etc that people have had. Looking at what is out there at the moment there are many different versions as to what may have happened to Madeleine but perhaps there would be a common theme that may just help. I myself am a medium and can understand how another medium may wish from their heart to try and help but they may be misinterpreting some of the information received. The fact that one may get a link to France and then think that she is in France for instance maybe because of a false sighting in France and not the fact that she did actually end up in France. A lot of confusion can arise from misinterpretation and I'd like to iterate that I try my best to work from the heart and not from my own ego and also that we are all human and open to mistakes. However if all the psychics and mediums were to link into Madeleins' energies and then centralise their information then surely that common theme of the truth would surface and it may help to quell the debate over psychics and the after-life and may help resolve many cases not just Madeleine's.
Now here is what I saw and heard and felt the first time as I focussed on Madeleine's picture
A girl was laying in bed
"two men came in" (girls voice)
uncomfortable pain in tummy
a girl padlocked and chained to the cooker
water cascading inwards and a feeling of going under
Now I have deliberately left it as I saw, heard and felt and now I give how I Interprete
... she was lying in bed when two men entered......something happened that has great significance to the kitchen area as this is where she has a strong link and I feel she ended up under water..Its alittle disjointed with obviously not a lot of detail but you must remember that we can only relay what is given and if I truly was connecting with Madeleins' energies then this is all she could pass on at this time. I feel Madeleine is passed over to he spirit world and since have dowsed Portugal and the sea surrounding and was quite surprised at the result.
I had thought the sea to myself and expected the pendulum to indicate this area however it didnt ... it swung like fury over a lake called Santa Clara  which is not too far from Prai d' luiz.
Whilst dowsing I asked for more and all she would show me was the wash basin and thats it.
I enter this challenge soley to try and resolve the case with the truth and hope that others will follow suit and not shun your challenge.
Yours with love n light
T M Doyle


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