No photo of Colin

Where has the picture gone

There used to be a photo of Colin Fry here - an ordinary headshot, showing a happy smiling ordinary-looking guy taken from a BBC webpage. For some reason Fry objected to it and told me to remove the picture in seven days or he would "not hesitate to use legal action".

I am unaware that I have broken any law regarding the use of Colin Fry's image, however if it is his wish that my site should not sport his picture then so be it. I have therefore removed it.

He also told me to remove the link from my site to (particularly this one)* as he claims the "photographic images" on that site are his copyright. I regard this demand as completely unreasonable - I am merely providing a link to an external site, which is what every site on the Web does. The links will therefore remain.

*Alas this photo has been removed. I can't help wondering why.

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All images of Colin Fry - should you feel the urge to see him

Enough already!


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